LG Sigma OPP-2000 DOA-100


LG Sigma OPP-2000 DOA-100

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LG Sigma OPP-2000 DOA-100


OPP-2000 DOA-100

Server Tool of DOA-100 (applicable to the DI series elevator motherboard is DOC-103/101 elevator)

(SIGMA) the elevators electronic board confluence Sigma Elevator module PM75RLA120 IPM-the the RLA REV1.2 elevator module PM50RLA120LG elevator module. The new spot to provide a full range of LG Sigma Elevator board LG base station lock manipulation of red light blue light, the Braille button on the elevator buttons, lock boxes, LG Sigma LG Sigma Elevator EISEG-108 LG LG button KA142 elevator display board the Sigma button board special elevator buttons button; KA-100C141 the ultrathin button of the elevator buttons the KA142 round button; import a single button to import dual button KA10C KA10C Braille buttons; LG original elevator button elevator original sensor module spot
LG, LG-OTIS, Star (SIGMA) Elevator the motherboard ***CB-3000CI MCB-2000CI offers professional decryption, low fees, fast aging

Supply the DISS series elevator electronic board: motherboard MCB-2001CI,-3000CI ***CB, debug server OPP-2000, the OPB-2000SPA communication board the OPB-100, the display board EISEG-106 power supply board SEMR-100 communication board OPB- 101 inte***ce board CJB-100, show the board EISEG-205, OPB-2000SPA; LG contactors, as follows:

GMC-9, GMC-12, GMC-22, GMC-18, GMC-32, GMC-40, GMC-50, GMC-65, GMC-40, GMC-50, GMC-65, GMC-75, GMC- 85, GMC-125, GMC 100, GMC 150, GMC 220, GMC 180, GMC-32, GMC-50, the GMD-22 relay of GTH-12M 0.16A 1.3A GTH-22 GMP22-2PR AC220V

DI / DS Series lift electronic board: motherboard DOC-101, DOC-103, DOC-120, DOC-130 DPC-12X, door board, DCD-201 DCD-221 DCD-230 communication board DCL- 240, DCL-242, DCL-243, DCL-244, DCI-230, DCI-270, drive plate DPP-131, the DOM-110A, the DHL-270, DHI-201, DHG-161, DCD - 20X, DHG- 161, DPC-130, DOP-116, DOP-112, DHI-211, DHI-221, WTCT-5911.

MVP HVP series of elevator electronic board: INV-the MPU, INV-with FIO, INV-SDC, INV-SDCL, INV-the ACR, the INV-AK, INV-BDC

MGP series elevator electronic board: MAIN, CSB, CONN, PIO GDC

LG Elevator flat layer sensor MPS-1600, LG, LG-OTIS elevator parts electronic board stores, Star (SIGMA): LG Sigma Elevator server of DOA-100 (used to debug the DI / DS Series ladder), OPP- 2000 (MMR ladder can debug, NEWDSS series ladder), buy a server with elevator data. information, including the host part of the door machine part, the failure part, the fault code, fault analysis, address table, donated a full set of debugging information, there are special need to also send the elevator schematics; and free technical support

Server of DOA-100 (applicable to the DI series of elevators, motherboard is DOC-103/101 elevator)


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